Premium Cycle Frame Scratch And Rub Resist Kit. (Large)
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Premium Cycle Frame Scratch and Rub Resist Kit. (Large)

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High Grade Die Cut Vinyl.
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Our most flexible and ultimate protection against cable rubbing and frame scratching.

Larger sets for larger frames.

This material is stronger than the 3M frame tape which is widely available. Supplied on an A4 sheet, the individual stickers are on a clear backing and have been die cut for easy removal from the background layer ready for application.

Note : This is not a cheap vinyl product or vehicle wrapping tape, It is more practical and just as hard wearing as helicopter tape despite being only 180 microns thick!

Fitting instructions can be found here.

This product can be manipulated to fit exactly onto the most demanding curves, corners, frame parts and forks.

The Matte and Gloss versions are practically invisible once applied to the frame.

The Carbon Fiber versions are made from exactly the same material and the same specifications.

Kits are all A4 sizes. Please select your kit from the drop down selection.

Kit Specifications.

* Water Resistant.
* Easy to manipulate around curves with heat.
* Durable UV protection.
* Non-Yellowing.
* Thickness 0.18mm / 180microns / 7mils.
* Tensile strength 177N / 25mm.
* Peel Adhesion 7.0N / 25mm.
* Dimensional Stability 1%.
* Solvent Resistant.
* Acrylic Pressure & heat sensitive adhesive.
* The harder you press it down. The better it sticks.
* 5-6 year exterior lifespan.
* Easy removal with no glue left behind.

Kit 1 (Large Kits)
2 of 410mm x 45mm Rounded Oblong.
2 of 260mm x 29mm Rounded Oblong.
2 of 150mm x 85mm Rectangle.
4 of 45mm x 20mm Oblong.
1 of 60mm x 110mm Oblong.
4 of 75mm x 30mm Oblong.
4 of 25mm x 25mm Circle.
4 of 35mm x 25mm Ellipse.

Kit 2 (Large Kits)

2 of 290mm x 60mm Kites.
4 of 50mm x 130mm Oblong.
4 of 29mm x 130mm Long Chevron.
3 of 58mm x 60mm Chevron.
3 of 50mm x 52mm Chevron.

Kit 3 (Large Kits)
2 of 410mm x 85mm Kites.
2 of 50mm x 50mm Circles.
1 of 86mm x 85mm Chevron.
1 of 72mm x 74mm Chevron.
1 of 66mm x 64mm Chevron.
1 of 60mm x 60mm Chevron.
1 of 51mm x 50mm Chevron.

Kit 4 (Large Kits)
2 of 420 mm x 51 mm Oblong.
2 of 116mm x 40mm Oblong.
2 of 175mm x 40mm Oblong.
2 of 175mm xmm 36 Ellipse.
2 of 75mm x 75mm Circle.
2 of 60mm x 60mm Circle.
2 of 45mm x 45mm Circle.
2 of 30mm x 30mm Circle.

Kit 5 (Large Kits)
3 of 415mm x 90mm Strips.

Kit 6 (Large Kits)
1 of 400mm x 280mm Sheet.

Tolerence is +/- 2mm.

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