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    Get Your Bike Decal For Free.

    As you know, Some decals are harder to find than others, especially when it comes to getting the exact size for your frame. We do try our best to keep up with the latest (and older bikes) but we all need an exact fit. (no pun intended)

    Trace, your decal and we will cut it and send it for free. In return we will add it to the website.

    You don't need to be an expert, It does not have to be an arts project!

    If your decal is smooth, just use a piece of tracing paper and do the best that you can, We have an in-house designer that can smooth out all of the lines.

    If your decal is raised, use the old fashioned method of pencil rubbings to get the outlines and leave the rest to us.

    If we are successful, We will send you the decal in whatever colour you choose at no cost to you and we will even refund your cost of sending it to us.

    If you would be interested then please just send an e-mail to Jon at support@graphicsdirect.org and I will send you the postal address and a few tips on getting it right.

    Its a bit like a "you scratch our back and we will scratch yours" situation to help everyone get the decals that they need.

    Good Luck!