Gravel And Rocks Chip Cover And Protect Kits. (Large)
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Gravel And Rocks Chip Cover And Protect Kits. (Large)

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High Grade Die Cut Vinyl.
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Gravel and Rock frame protectors are for chip cover after the toughest rides.

Larger sets for larger frames.

These kits are a textured black material used for blackout, kick tread and stone Protection.

They are ideal to cover parts of the frame that has already been damaged by previous rough riding damage.

They allow customization to reduce additional paint damage and are ideal to cover damaged areas, Apply the stickers to create unique product and model variations.

In particular, they can be used for functional decoration and custom black out areas on the framework.

The material is black, tough wearing, fine textured black out material on a white backing sheet. Simply peel off and stick.

Adhesion is from the clear permanent cross-linking acrylic adhesive.

Fitting instructions can be found here.

The smaller parts of the kit offer great cable run protection and the larger stickers can be used to help prevent paint chips or chain rub.

Kits are all A4 sizes. Please select your kit from the drop down selection.

Kit Options.

* 190 Micron Black Textured Stone Guard.
* 320 Micron Black Textured Stone Guard.

Kit 1 (Large Kits)
2 of 420 mm x 51 mm Oblong.
2 of 116mm x 40mm Oblong.
2 of 175mm x 40mm Oblong.
2 of 175mm xmm 36 Ellipse.
2 of 75mm x 75mm Circle.
2 of 60mm x 60mm Circle.
2 of 45mm x 45mm Circle.
2 of 30mm x 30mm Circle.

Kit 2 (Large Kits)
2 of 410mm x 45mm Rounded Oblong.
2 of 260mm x 29mm Rounded Oblong.
2 of 150mm x 85mm Rectangle.
4 of 45mm x 20mm Oblong.
1 of 60mm x 110mm Oblong.
4 of 75mm x 30mm Oblong.
4 of 25mm x 25mm Circle.
4 of 35mm x 25mm Ellipse.

Kit 3 (Large Kits)
2 of 410mm x 85mm Kites.
2 of 50mm x 50mm Circles.
1 of 86mm x 85mm Chevron.
1 of 72mm x 74mm Chevron.
1 of 66mm x 64mm Chevron.
1 of 60mm x 60mm Chevron.
1 of 51mm x 50mm Chevron.

Kit 4 (Large Kits)
2 of 290mm x 60mm Kites.
4 of 50mm x 130mm Oblong.
4 of 29mm x 130mm Long Chevron.
3 of 58mm x 60mm Chevron.
3 of 50mm x 52mm Chevron.

Kit 5 (Large Kits)
3 of 415mm x 90mm Strips.

Kit 6 (Large Kits)
1 of 400mm x 280mm Sheet.

Tolerance is +/- 2mm.

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