Road And Track Cycle Paint Protect Kits. (Small)
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Road And Track Cycle Paint Protect Kits. (Small)

  • £8.99
  • All decals are hand traced from the original frame to ensure an exact fit.
    These are not E-Bay type sticker kits.

KMPF Branded Clear for regular road and track use.

Please see our gravel and rocks protect kits for "rough use" protection.

These superior quality, Calendered polymeric vinyl films have been specially developed for use in cycle industries for stone guard applications.

Calendered means that the surface has been made smooth and glossy by pressing during manufacture.

Fitting instructions can be found here.

Apply the stickers to the areas of the bike frame that are vulnerable to stone chipping or scratching.

The stickers are supplied on a white backing sheet for easy "peel and stick" application.

The smaller parts of the kit offer great cable run protection and the larger stickers can be used to help prevent paint chips or chain rub.

The stickers are practically invisible once applied to the frame.

Kits are all A4 sizes. Please select your kit from the drop down selection.

Kit Options.

* 120 Micron Smooth Clear Gloss.
* 320 Micron Smooth Clear Gloss.

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