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  • Before Ordering.

    Before you place your final order with us, Please check and confirm that you understand the following to save any confusion, Thank You.

    Stencil Sets.

    Some of our sets are already available as a stencil, If a stencil option is not listed, Please ask us BEFORE ordering so that we can check to see if the set would be suitable to be cut as a stencil and if so, we will add the option for you.

    If ordering a stencil set, the order will be cut in stencil material and the application tape will be paper regardless of the colour of vinyl ordered.

    If you are unsure about stencil sets, Please check our information page first by Clicking Here.

    Decal Sizes.

    Some of our sets are generic sets, If this is the case, Please read the description on the product page and check that the sizes and quantities are correct.

    If you require any changes, Please let us know BEFORE placing the order so that we can resize the decals for you if possible.

    Application Tapes.

    If you place an order for GLOSS decals, we will use clear plastic application tape, Simply because the paper application tape will not stick to the high gloss surface of the decals. If you order WHITE / LIGHT COLOURED or OUTLINE sets, we will again use clear application tape because these are not suitable for the paper type application tape.


    Each order we cut is treated as a custom order, It will be cut for you and you only. We can not accept returns if sizes were not checked, If stencils were ordered instead of decals or if you have simple changed your mind.

    We do not keep any ready cut decals or stencils in stock. Your order is cut from fresh vinyl or stencil tape once your order is ready to be cut.

    We are not able to accept returns if the above advice has not been followed.

    Thanks For Reading !