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  • Bike Frame Stencil Sets.

    We can cut your Decal as a stencil set if you prefer.

    Stencil sets are cut from high quality stencil film and are best used with a paper based application tape. The stencil is a reverse cut of your bike or cycle frame decal and is designed for you to spray the decal directly onto the frame.

    The stencil film is thin and flexible but rigid enough for easy application to the frame. It has been designed for stencils.

    Once applied, The surrounding area is masked off and the frame can be painted directly through the stencil. Of course we suggest doing this with a spray rather than a brush (A brush will work if you want your bike to look "home made"). There is nothing special about the paint, a normal rattle spray can will give brilliant results.

    Simply allow the paint a short time to dry and then swiftly remove the stencil to leave you with a crisp and clean graphic.

    Stencil film is designed to stick at the edges to give your finished paint job a perfect finish with no "Paint Bleed" and can look just like the original frame.

    If a stencil set is offered for a set, there will be a stencil option that you can choose. If the stencil option is not yet available, please contact us before ordering for availability.

    You can always e-mail us at support@graphicsdirect.com if you are unsure.

    The following is an e-mail that I sent to a customer which probably explains in plain English how stencils work.


     Click Here To Take A Look At A Customer Example.


    With stencils, you apply them to the frame, mask off over the area, spray through them and when the paint is just about dry, remove them leaving the lettering painted onto the frame.
    The problem with this is that if you can not keep the frame warm, or the stencil lifts a tiny bit then you will get paint bleed and you would really have to rub down the frame again and repaint it to fix it.
    We do a lot of stencils but most people take them to a paint shop and let them deal with it !

    Our decals are die cut, so there is no background, they are not what I would call “sticky stickers” that you peel and stick. The vinyl is cut and we remove the unwanted material by hand, then an application paper is put over the top so you end up with three layers.

    To apply them, You peel both the vinyl and application paper away from the sheet, Then you stick them to the frame, the application paper is low tack so you can then peel that off and just leave the decals behind (loads of videos on YouTube)

    Since vinyl is soft, even though it will stick to the frame and stay there forever, if you hit a bush etc then of course the decals will suffer, so will they if someone starts picking at them, therefore q quick coat of any lacquer will not only protect the decals but also your frame paint as well.

    That was probably a better explanation !

    Best Regards,
    Jon Ward


    Enjoy !