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  • Custom Frame Stencil Sets.

    Posted by Jonathan Ward on

    Stencil sets are the opposite of decal sets, The stencil is applied to the frame and then paint is sprayed through the negative image.

    Once the stencil is removed, The paint forms the decal on the actual frame itself.

    Below are the steps we took with a customer to produce his own custom bike stencil set from start to finish.

    1. Measure The Image.

    As you can see, we were sent over photos of what was required together with the approx measurements required which we later confirmed so that every decal was the perfect size.

    Customer Trek Bike Measurement 1

    Customer Trek Bike Measurement 2

    Customer Trek Bike Measurement 3

    Customer Trek Bike Measurement 4

    2. Cut The Stencils.

    After  checking and rechecking the image sizes with the customer, the stencils were cut and paper application tape was applied. This was a particular challenging due to the thin lines in the TREK logo.

    Custom Planet X Stencil 1

    Custom Planet X Stencil 2

    Custom Planet X Stencil 3

    3. Patience is a virtue.

    As you can see from the following images, a lot of patience was used applying the stencils ensuring that they sat flat onto the frame. Sometimes gentle heat from a hairdryer can be used to ensure that the stencils are 100% in contact with the frame to prevent paint bleed.

    Final Result Custom Trek Painted 1

    Final Result Custom Trek Painted 2

    Final Result Custom Trek Painted 3

    Final Result Custom Trek Painted 4

    Final Result Custom Trek Painted 5

    As You Can See, Stencils Make A Great Bike Frame.


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