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    When will I get my graphics ?

    Generally UK orders will take 1-3 days to arrive and International orders will take 5-7 days to arrive, This is based on our customer feedback.

    We do not keep any decals in stock and leave them to go stale or become creased.

    We Die Cut every order as it comes in. The Vinyl is cut from a fresh roll and then the unwanted material is removed by hand using a scalpel and other tools using a method called "weeding" together with a lot of patience. There is currently no automated process for this step.

    We then cover your decals with the chosen Application Paper or Plastic (see our info section) and hand pack them.

    We cut and ship decals (depending on the time of the order) from the UK using the Royal Mail First Class on either the same day or the next day that we receive the order.

    More information can be found here